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Spider Entertainment Services is filling a niche to provide Design/ Build and Operations Management services for FECs and immersive entertainment venues.

Putting their money where their mouth is - Proving they know what they are doing Spider will be opening their very own entertainment centers in 2024, demonstrating first hand how to develop, launch, operate, and grow entertainment venues.


Spider Entertainment is proud to announce a strategic partnership with UK-based immersive product supplier Base Performance Simulators (BPS) whereby Spider will provide their motorsport racing simulator product “Phoenix” to the EMEA and North American regions as part of Spider’s Design & Build Service.

Designed and engineered by award-winning motorsport simulator experts The Phoenix is the latest simulator technology explicitly intended for the leisure industry, bridging the gap between professional motorsport simulators and immersive attractions.

Features of The Phoenix simulator:

· Ready to transport users into the thrilling virtual racing world where simulators are linked and racing scores are displayed on overhead leaderboards for the best in competitive socializing.

· Fully-immersive driving experience with realistic and adaptive driver feedback and cues. Whether you are a novice or an expert this immersive experience will leave you wanting to come back for more.

· Experience the thrill of being transported around the world racing your favourite circuit in the car of their dreams. With such a vast choice of cars and circuits to choose from no one will be left disappointed!

· Using the latest in turnkey venue management software, the Phoenix simulator functions without the requirement of specialist operators.

· Realistic 3 degrees of freedom movement designed to mimic reality. This is not a game designed to throw you around but is an immersive experience designed for ALL its users to get a taste of what it is like to become a racing driver. D-BOX Gen5 4250i 4-point actuator giving 3 DoF movement - the first haptic system licensed by the FIA.

Spider previously announced it is branching out into the UK, European and Middle East sectors offering Design & Build services, in addition to Operations Management Services globally, for immersive entertainment venues, brands, and creators. While filling a niche providing these services for Family Entertainment Centers (FECs), Urban Entertainment Centers (UECs), and Location-Based Entertainment (LBE), we identified the need to also offer expertise in immersive and interactive technologies, the basis of most entertainment venues moving forward. BPS adds top tier racing simulators to our products portfolio alongside interactive golf, free roam VR, and more products still to be announced.

Kevin Williams, Director of Research and Development at Spider Entertainment remarks, “The importance of a true racing pedigree in the deployment of authentic and compelling race simulation has never been more important. It was a pleasure to be able to watch the professionaal level of simulation applied by BPS into a platform that is best-of-its-kind for immersive entertainment application - and we look forward to being able to deploy the real capabilities of this platform onto the international scene.”

James Guess, Managing Director at Base Performance Simulators commented, “The partnership with Spider Entertainment adds a further endorsement to the ‘Phoenix’ being the best-in-class Simulator within the FEC world. Designed specifically for the leisure industry we are looking forward to working with Spider to continue the Phoenix’s roll out around the World.”

About Spider Entertainment:

Spider Entertainment is founded by a team of highly experienced LBE operations and immersive entertainment specialists. With the goal of rolling out a wholly owned immersive entertainment venue of their own in 2024, the team provides their shared expertise for others under Spider Entertainment Services providing Design & Build and Operations Management Services (design, business planning, build, and operations) for LBE and FEC creatives, owners, and venues worldwide. Although Spider is based in the UK, they offer business development and complete design/build/operate services to the FEC and LBE industry in the UK/Europe/Middle East/North American regions. Clients include Merlin Entertainments, Kidzania, Creative Works, Lightning VR, Attraktion!, Extreme International, BPS, and many more.

About BPS:

Based in the UK BPS was Founded in 2009 by Darren Turner, one of the UK’s most successful and experienced racing drivers. Combining Darren’s pro driving background with decades of knowledge in developing cutting-edge pro driver training simulators there is no wonder the teams’ skills and experience have led them to becoming one of the world’s leading professional simulator companies. With such a credible reputation within the racing world it was not by chance that in 2020 Andretti Karting approached the team to discuss designing and building a simulator for the FEC market. The main drive for both parties being to bridge the gap between reality and gaming. After two years of knowledge sharing, design, testing and development the Phoenix was officially born at the end of 2022. As of 2023 BPS now supply Phoenix simulators to FECs across the world.

Contact Tracy Balsz for more information.

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