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Experience the thrill of motorsports like never before with Base Performance Simulators' Gift Experiences. Whether it's for a special occasion or simply to satisfy your racing curiosity, our Gift Experiences offer the opportunity to step into the virtual shoes of a professional driver and get behind the wheel of our state-of-the-art simulators.

A BPS Gift Experience is more than just a ride; it's a window into the world of professional motorsports, delivering an unparalleled virtual racing experience. It's the perfect gift for motorsport enthusiasts, offering an exciting peek behind the curtain of professional racing, and a chance to live out their racing dreams.



GT Sim Racing Chassis

For those who dream of racing in the top tiers of GT motorsport, our GT Simulator Experience offers an unforgettable journey. Harnessing a genuine racing chassis fitted with advanced BPS hardware, our GT simulator provides a riveting, immersive experience, transporting you directly to iconic circuits around the world. Feel every turn, every acceleration, every thrilling moment of racing a GT car, right from the comfort of our simulator bay.


Full Motion Motorposrt Simulator

Ideal for die-hard Formula 1 fans and those with a penchant for high-speed thrills, our Single Seat Simulator Experience delivers an adrenaline-filled ride. Our single-seater simulator, with its 6-metre wraparound screen and motion platform, provides a highly realistic driving environment, replicating the intense sensation of commanding a powerful single-seater racer. Delve into the world of professional racing, and test your skills against the best circuits the motorsport world has to offer.

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