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Can using a simulator truly enhance my real track performance?

Yes, consistent simulator practice enhances your proficiency and precision in a real car. Given the constraints of practice time, arriving at a race or test fully prepared gives you a competitive edge. While a simulator can't replace on-track experience, it empowers you to maximize your valuable track time.

Is a simulator merely an advanced video game?

Absolutely not. A simulator offers an authentic racing environment. When seated in our simulator, with the display providing a realistic visual experience, you'll feel completely immersed in the virtual racing world. You'll be able to identify all the real-life reference points as you navigate the tracks.

Will I receive guidance during my simulator session?

Absolutely. Our sessions are fully tailored to your needs. Our team will manage the simulator as a race team would manage a real race car, allowing you to focus on your driving skills. We ensure you have ample time to adjust and after the session, you'll receive your performance data to review and study at your convenience.

What are the booking terms and conditions?

Our cancellation policy states that once a session is confirmed, charges apply for cancellations as follows: 25% of the session cost up to 7 days before your session, 50% up to 48 hours before your session, and 100% if cancelled the day before or on the day. Payment is required in full before your session commences, with credit card and cash payments accepted at BPS. Invoices for prior payment by bank transfer can also be provided.

What should I expect for my first session at BPS?

Come prepared with gloves, boots, and light clothing as the simulator environment can get warm. We recommend using your racing helmet within our single-seater motion system, not only for safety but to mimic your actual field of vision. Note that some drivers experience motion sickness while using a simulator. If you're prone to motion or travel sickness, it's advisable to take an anti-sickness medication two hours prior to your session.

Can I visit BPS if I'm not a professional driver?

Definitely – no prior experience is required. If you're excited to experience the adrenaline of racing safely, BPS is the perfect destination! We structure your session differently than we do for professional users, but we assure you'll get the most out of your time with us.

Which simulator can I use at BPS?

At our Banbury facility, we offer the BPS single-seater with full motion and the immersive BPS GT simulator.

Can I bring my own race engineer or driver coach to BPS?

Indeed, we welcome your team to join us. We'll manage the simulator, but the day will be adjusted to meet both your needs and the needs of your team.

Why should I choose BPS for purchasing a simulator?

BPS stands apart because of our unique expertise and knowledge. Darren Turner's rich experience, derived from working with numerous F1 teams, ensures that he understands the crucial elements that lead to best results. This understanding is woven into our products, offering unmatched value for your investment.

How long will my order take to deliver?

Some of our products are made to order and dispatch times vary. For specific details, please reach out to us directly.


Looking to elevate your sim further? The BPS design team can create a custom set up and livery for a truly bespoke simulator. For info head to our Bespoke sim page


Let us help you Finance your Simulator with access to a range of solutions to meet your needs from our partners at Classic & Sports Finance.


Our team is available to provide the technical support you need to get the most of out of your motorsport simulator. 

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