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We've teamed up with Mode Garden Rooms to bring you the ultimate home racing experience!


Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Are you a racing enthusiast looking to take your home racing experience to the next level? Do you crave the immersion of a professional-grade racing simulator but struggle with the limitations of your household space? Base Performance Simulators and Mode Garden Rooms have joined forces to bring you the ultimate solution.

Home racing simulator enthusiasts face a common challenge: the need for substantial space to accommodate the hardware. Additionally, simulators require protection from moisture in the air, robust electrical and internet connectivity, and management of the heat generated by the powerful PC running the simulation software.

Simulators often feature built-in speakers, making noise control a concern. Siting a simulator in a typical household environment can be problematic due to space constraints, noise disruptions, and the presence of ambient light.

For an immersive racing experience that replicates the conditions of a professional racing environment, a purpose-built garden room is the ideal solution. It offers home users a dedicated space for their simulator, complete with precise control over lighting, acoustics, temperature, and humidity.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, BPS and Mode have developed a product concept and technical specifications for the ultimate Racing Simulator Pod. The partnership provides an unbeatable combination of design flair and technical expertise.

Racing enthusiasts now have the opportunity to create a dedicated, world-class racing simulation environment in their own home, without compromise.

If you're ready to take your home racing experience to the next level, stay tuned for updates. The ultimate home racing experience is just around the corner, and you won't want to miss it!


It all about craftsman ship and that all important attention to detail. At MODE the team are all about crafting bespoke garden buildings that cater to your unique needs and desires. There high-specification, purpose-built rooms, are the perfect solution when you need additional space without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

About BPS Base Performance Simulators (BPS), founded by the esteemed Darren Turner (three-time Le Mans winning Aston Martin factory driver) is renowned for its world-class, tailored racing simulator packages. BPS caters to both professional and aspiring racing drivers, offering a range of high-end hardware, cutting-edge software, and top-tier driver training experiences. But their offerings don't stop there; BPS also extends its services to corporate experience days, home enthusiasts, and the thriving 'Sim Racer' community.

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For more info on home Sim Pods give MODE a call on 01295 533321 oer email

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Written by: Joe Jones - Mode Garden Rooms

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