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Competitive Socialising Awards 2024

Competitive Socialising Awards 2024

Saturday, 1 June 2024


As a business we are experience an ever increasing interest in the use of racing simulators as part of the growing Competitive Socialising scene, so it only seemed fitting that this year we joined forces with our partner Home Leisure Direct for their annual Competitive Socialising event in London.

Having now run for four years, Competitive Socialising - The Power Of Play has quickly become the go to event within the UK for industry leaders, with key speakers including the likes of Ben Warren - Managing Director of Roxy Leisure, the one and only Graham Cook - Managing Director of All Star Lane and many more well respected people in the industry.

This year saw the first edition of the Competitive Socialising Awards and it was incredible to hear stories from those within the industry who are dedicated to re-developing the tradition food and beverage scene. Flipping the hospitality industry on it's head these venues are demonstrating that there is a growing need for venues to entertain and engage their customers, especially when it comes to a Gen Z audience who are known for drinking less alcohol, compared to the Millennial counterparts, and whom expect to be entertained.

With this ever growing need to entertain, racing simulators are becoming of growing interest to many venues looking to offer something new to engage their customers. The issue for sim providers is that as this is such a new market many are trying to install non-commercial sims into an environment with a huge footfall, leading understandably to grumbles by those who are trying to operate them.

Over the last two years BPS have combined consumer and operator research from the FEC sector to produce a fully immersive turnkey simulator solution designed specifically for the leisure and entertainment industry. Having been implemented across the US the Phoenix is a tried and tested commercial solution providing reliable, realistic hardware alongside the latest in venue management software. Designed to ensure venues do not require specialist operators our commercial solution provides a range of different set up options all of which are simply to navigate via an operator screen.

Now available within the UK via our partners Home Leisure Direct the Phoenix is set to become a feature in many new venues over the coming year/s as we work closely to ensure we support venues and their customers as they enter into the exciting world of racing.

If you are looking to at racing simulators to your venue in the UK you can now speak to the commercial team at HLD on 0808 304 9404

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