Built on Cosworth’s flagship Sigma Operating System and integrating a dedicated graphics processor and the latest Omega architecture, this is a powerful full-colour display, logger and control solution all in one enabling users in all series to benefit from usable, advanced logging and control capabilities.


The ICD features super bright, configurable tri-colour LED arrays – multi-purpose and fully configurable for use as alarms, shift lights, driver aids etc. together with an in-built LDR for auto LED and screen brightness control.


The ICD can be integrated as a central part of a vehicle system. The unit provides plenty of flexible and configurable features such as an in-built Ethernet hub, support of 12V or 24V systems, programmable excitations, a LIN port and multiple serial and CAN ports, up to 20 analogue channels, 10 switch inputs and 6 digital inputs.


The 5 port Ethernet hub provides for improved on car systems connectivity – devices can be daisy chained and connected to with a single on-car connection point – further simplifying looms.


Two Week Dispatch Time

Cosworth Omega Display

  • Comms and Ethernet expansion
    2 HSD outputs with PWM control
    4 CAN ports each with 64 message buffers
    20 analogue inputs (software configurable)
    16 digital inputs
    4 CAN ports, 3 serial ports, 1 LIN Bus
    Designed for 12 / 24 Volt systems
    Programmable 5 or 12V Excitations
    LDR auto brightness control
    Black anodized rugged aluminium case
    Offloads into Cosworth’s powerful Toolbox
    Data Analysis Software

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